Kovalam Tourism-2018, Beaches, Top Things To Do

One of the major tourist attractions in Southern Kerala, Kovalam is a crescent shaped beach destination which is partitioned into 3 separate beaches. At the northern end of the trio is the Samudra beach, which is more famous for its fishing trade than natural beauty. Next is the Hawah beach which is incidentally the first top-less beach in the state. The name remains although topless bathing was banned later on. The southernmost and the largest of these three Kovalam beaches is the light house beach – labeled after the 35 metres high lighthouse that towers over the beach. Lighthouse beach is lined with shops and recreational centers where the tourists come in masses. Surrounded by tall palm trees on one side and azure sea on the other; swimming, snorkeling and houseboat cruising are some of Kovalam’s exhilarating experiences that should not be missed if Kovalam is in your itinerary. Even the Kovalam beach images have an in explainable beauty in its every curve. Here as evening falls, people – local and tourists alike – throng into the beaches to watch the sun sink into the sea.

Also, the major Kovalam beach resorts and hotels are clustered in the seashore’s irreplaceable beauty. The clear sandy beaches and the amazing Kovalam weather offer plenty of scope for relaxing with Kovalam Ayurveda massages and similar health therapies.

Another incredible tourist spot near Kovalam is the Poovar Island, which is situated some 15 kms away. Poovar beach is one among the rare natural wonders where the River, Lake and Sea meet the land at a kissing distance.

A thriving business spot which balances the fishing trade and the tourism industry on equal scale – Kovalam tourism has fascinated thousands of passionate travelers and has held them close with many Kovalam tours and packages. Moreover the beaches here offer the best services when it comes to relaxing and rejuvenating oneself.

Kovalam is an excellent example that showcases Kerala’s diversity and an ideal place to spend holidays.

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